• Pinnies to separate teams.
  • A thin-walled playground ball.
  • A bat.
  • A large bin, box or container.
  • A large hula hoop or other large circle (i.e. a skipping rope bent into a circle, center gym circle…etc.).
  • One baseball base.


  • Split the kids into two even teams.
  • One team is at bat, and one team is in the field.
  • The pitcher stands inside the hula hoop (or circle), with the ball.
  • The back-catcher stands to one side of the bin (behind the batter and to the side).
  • The first person to step up to bat stands in front of the large bin and prepares to hit over home plate.
  • The pitcher MUST bounce the ball when they pitch it.
  • If the pitcher HITS the bin, then the batter is out.
  • If the pitcher BOUNCES THE BALL INTO THE BIN, then everyone is out and the teams switch positions.
  • If the batter hits the ball, then he must run to the other end of the gym, touch the wall, run back and give the bat to the next batter.
  • The game never stops, so if the batter hits the ball, the fielders’ job is to get the ball back to the pitcher as quickly as they can so that he can try and bounce the ball into the bin to get everyone out OR hit the bin to get the runner out.
  • The team at-bat only gets a point if their batter can make it to the wall, touch it, and make it back to touch homeplate.
  • Now here is the tricky part: If the team at bat is too slow in switching batters, there could be a whole bunch of people out before they even get a chance to hit!
  • For example, if the first kid makes it back, and starts to hand the bat to the next kid, but the fielders were really quick in getting the ball back to their pitcher, and the pitcher hits the bin while the two kids are exchanging bats, then the batter is out! Then, if the back-catcher throws the ball back to the pitcher and the pitcher hits the bin again, then the next batter is out…etc.
  • So the kids must exchange the bat quickly, as THERE IS NO STOP IN THE GAME!!! This will be the teacher’s job to keep this part working. There is a learning curve here, but once the kids get it they love it!
  • Play with 5 outs before you switch (unless the pitcher gets it into the bin of course).
  • Remind the pitchers that the ball MUST bounce and cannot be rolled! They have to be trying to hit the bin, or get it into the bin, each time.
Continuous Cricket

Continuous Cricket