• One giant exercise ball (a bosu ball or other works well, but the thinner the wall of the ball, the better it will work for this game).
  • Cones (or lines in the gym), to define the play area.
  • Two large goals.
  • Pinnies to separate the teams.


  • Split the kids into 2 even teams.
  • All of the rules in big ball soccer are the same as regular soccer, except for the fact that everyone is allowed to touch the ball with their hands as well as their feet.
  • You are allowed to kick, punch, push, bounce and roll the ball.
  • You are not allowed to head the ball (too many hands and feet involved).
  • You are not allowed to hold the ball. If the referee sees anyone holding the ball, then he blows the whistle and the other team immediately takes possession.
  • What kids love about this game is that they inadvertently get whacked with the ball, so be sure that the wall of your ball is thin enough that even if someone gets it in the face it will not hurt.