• 2 benches (if you are playing with a large number of kids, line the benches up end to end to accommodate more players).
  • As many dodgeballs as you have.
  • Pinnies to separate teams.


  • Split the kids into 2 even teams.
  • Split the playing area into two even sides (the centre line in the gym works perfectly).
  • Send one player from team X across the center line to stand up on the bench on team O’s side.
  • Send one player from team O across the center line to stand up on the bench on team X’s side.
  • The object of the game is to get everyone from your team onto the bench on the other side of the center line.
  • The only way you are allowed to cross the center line and climb onto the bench on the other side is to have someone from your team, who is already on the other bench, catch the ball that you throw.  They can not pick the ball up from the ground, but must catch it in the air.
  • If they catch your ball, then you cross over and join them on the bench.
  • Except for the two people who started on the bench, if anyone ever falls off the bench, they must return to their own side and have someone catch their ball again before they can rejoin their teammates on the bench.
  • You are allowed to block the catchers on the bench by throwing balls at incoming balls, or by simply holding balls in you hands and whacking incoming balls away.
  • You are not allowed body contact, and are not allowed to jump on, or away from, a bench to catch a ball.
  • The first team to successfully get all of their members standing on the bench is the winner.
  • As a twist, you can also play Reverse-Benchball, where everyone starts on the bench, with a single player from each team standing on the floor on the opposite side of the gym.  All of the same rules apply, only in reverse.
  • This game is sweet, and is a great dodgeball alternative.
Bench Ball

Bench Ball