• As many beanbags as you can get your hands on (dodgeballs, or other any other equipment that will roll or slide on the floor (without being a hazard), would work well too).
  • 4 or more benches.
  • 4 or more bins/pails/boxes…etc.


  • Everyone plays for himself or herself in this game, and each kid is given one beanbag to start.
  • Set the benches up at different spots around the gym, and in front of each bench, with varying degrees of distance, set up a bin.
  • The object of the game is to slide your beanbag along the ground and hit other peoples’ feet.
  • The minute your feet are hit, you must run to a bench and stand on top of it (you can have as many people, as a bench will safely allow, standing on the same bench at the same time).
  • In order to rejoin the game, you must score your beanbag into the bin by throwing it from the bench.
  • If you miss, you hop off the bench, run and grab your beanbag, go back, and hop on the bench and try again.
  • You are only allowed to try 3 times from one bench before you MUST leave that bench and go to another one. You can only return to the first bench once you have used up your 3 tries at all of the other benches.
  • If students are getting stuck too long on the benches, call “Jailbreak,” which will get everyone back in the game.
  • Move the bins further away from the benches if your kids are scoring too easily, and remind kids to watch out for the benches as they play.
  • Play until there are only 5 kids still left “alive,” and declare them the winners and start again.
Beanbag Scramble

Beanbag Scramble