• NONE


  • Have your class stand in a circle.
  • Before the game can start, everyone must start bouncing, as quietly as they can, up and down on their toes (tell them they should pretend that they are jumping up and down on mini-trampolines).
  • The teacher, while hopping, points their 2 index fingers at someone and says “ZIP.”
  • That person MUST point, USING THEIR THUMB, to the person on THEIR RIGHT, and say “ZAP.”
  • That person MUST, USING THEIR RIGHT HAND AND ARM, point at someone across the circle and say “ZOP,” at which point the pattern starts all over.
  • If someone makes a mistake (and you can be as tough or easy as you want to be with what qualifies as a mistake), they must go down into the plank position on the floor (or the push-up position), and hold it until the next person makes a mistake. When the next person makes a mistake, they take the plank position, and the person who was on the floor stands up.
  • If you have a big group, split the kids into 2-3 circles and have multiple games going at the same time.