• NONE


  • Have the students give you 4 “things,” (it can literally be anything, as long as it’s appropriate!), and write the 4 things on the board.
  • Once you have 4 things, tell the kids that they are not allowed to speak at all, and they are not allowed to use their hands or mouths to mouth or show the word of what they are.
  • Tell the kids to pick one of the things in their mind and not to say anything.
  • Tell them they have 30 seconds to find everyone else who is the same thing as them, using actions to act out what they are.
  • When you find someone who is the same thing as you, you must link arms with them and then continue looking for others.
  • The object is to have everyone in the class find everyone else in their group.
  • Once your kids get good at the game, you can add more “things” on the board to give them more options, or you can make the challenges more difficult by making everyone find others in their group while hoping only on one foot, using neither arm, crawling on hands and feet…etc.