• NONE


  • Have your class make a circle.
  • Pick one student to go and stand in the corner with their eyes closed.
  • While the student is in the corner, show the rest of the class who the leader is (we’ll call the leader Billy).
  • Billy’s job is to keep the whole class moving by doing a variety of activities. Whatever Billy does (frog jumps, lunges, stretches…etc.), the rest of the class must copy him exactly.
  • Ask the student in the corner to go to the center of the circle (once Billy has already started the first activity). It is the student in the center’s job to figure out who the leader is (i.e. who is changing the activities).
  • Billy’s job is to change activities without getting caught by the person in the middle.
  • Billy must do each activity for AT LEAST 20 seconds before switching.
  • The student in the middle has 3 guesses to figure out who is the leader.
  • If you have a big group, you can split into 2 separate circles, or put more than one student in the middle of the circle.
  • For a competitive group, see how many times a specific leader can switch activities without getting caught (they still must do each activity for at least 20 seconds!).