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  • Have the kids move their chairs away from their desks so that they can lift their legs in the air (the higher the legs, the harder the workout), and have them grip tightly the sides of their chairs.
  • Start by telling them that you are going to be working on bikes, and have them practice pedaling their bikes (now is the time to make corrections for kids goofing around). If there are goofy kids, get them to lift their legs higher, as the challenge of this is usually enough to get them back on track.
  • Tell the kids that these are magic bikes and, consequently, can go anywhere.
  • Start by giving them a description of where they are riding (start with something flat), and have them get their bikes rolling.
  • Once they are warmed-up, take them on a mental tour of your school/town/ countryside…etc. by talking them through it.
  • Have them go up ladders, down rooftops, over fields, bouncing on lily pads in a pond…etc.
  • Remind them that they must be steering (using their hands on the sides of their bikes), and increasing their pedaling intensity depending on whether they are going up, down…etc.
  • Visit different places on your bikes as a class, and take suggestions as to where your class would like to go!