• At least 5 different objects volunteered by students.


  • Put a desk at the front of the class.
  • Have the students offer up objects to be placed on the desk (they must be large enough to be seen by all students in the class).
  • Choose about 5 objects to start the game.
  • Assign different groupings of kids in the class to different objects (i.e. all students with birthdays in September or October, you are the pencil. Students with birthdays in November and December, you are the stapler…etc.).
  • Now, have the class attach different sounds to each item.
  • For example, the pencil might be represented by a “Mooooooooo” sound, and the stapler might be represented by a “Oooga, Oooga” sound. What this means is that each time you hold up an item, all students who are that item must stand up and make the sound for as long as you hold the item up.
  • This game is a hoot, and you can add elements like having students make their sounds higher the higher you hold the item and lower the lower you hold it. You can also do two items at once, or switch quickly between them.