• A speedball (soft, squishy and palm-sized works best).
  • Timer.


  • Have everyone sit on their desks with their legs hanging off the end.
  • The teacher starts with the speedball at the front of the class (the speedball should be a soft, squishy ball).
  • The teacher then asks a question, any question, and then throws the speedball to a student who has their hand up in the air.
  • If the student misses the catch, or answers incorrectly, then the teacher gets the ball back and the game continues.
  • If the student answers correctly, then the teacher will say “Go,” and the student with the speedball must pass the ball all around the class as fast as possible.
  • No one is allowed to move their bum from their desk or the round is over.
  • If the ball touches the ground, then the round is over.
  • If the ball can make it into everyone’s hands and end right back at the person who answered the question correctly, then the teacher records the amount of time that it took the ball to go around the class and the game continues.
  • Students love having their fastest speedball time written on the board, and it is a great game for the end of the day to review various classroom concepts.