• A chair.


  • Put one student on a special chair or spot in the class (he/she is the king/ queen).
  • You will be playing Rock, Paper, Scissors with people, but can only play against someone who is the same thing as you (see below).
  • Everyone starts with their hands on their knees (they are all eggs).
  • You walk around the class looking for another egg. When you meet an egg, play Rock, Paper, Scissors.
  • The winner “Evolves” into a chicken (hands on hips, wings flapping, chicken noises), and looks for another chicken to play.
  • The loser stays an egg.
  • When two chickens play, the winning chicken evolves into a crocodile (arms out in front, big crocodile teeth with your fingers), the loser de-evolves back into an egg.
  • When two crocodiles play, the winning crocodile changes into a giant (hands way up above head, stomping around with big steps). The loser de-evolves back into a chicken.
  • When two giants play, the winning giant can go and challenge the student on the chair (the loser turns back into a crocodile). If the giant wins, he/she is the new king/queen, and the old king/queen turns into an egg. If the giant loses, he goes back to an egg and the king/queen stays.