• NONE


  • Have the students all close their eyes and lay their heads down on their desks.
  • 4 chairs are placed in each one of the 4 corners of the classroom.
  • The teacher then walks around and taps 4 students on the head and taps four students on the back.
  • The 4 students tapped on the head are the assassins.
  • The 4 students tapped on the back are the detectives.
  • When the teacher says “Go,” all students stand up and start moving around the classroom.
  • If anyone talks, they “die” on the spot.
  • The detectives immediately get up and stand on the chairs and start watching for the assassins.
  • The assassins are trying to “kill” as many people as possible without getting caught.
  • To “kill” someone, the assassin must gently poke them.
  • When someone feels a poke, they can not turn around or make any indication as to who poked them, but must instead count to 5 in their head and then “die” in a very dramatic way (they will stay on the floor until the next round).
  • At any point in the game, a detective can yell “Freeze!” and everyone has to stop. The detective then gets one chance to guess who an assassin is. If they’re right, then that assassin is out and the game continues. If they are wrong, then the detective is out, and the game continues.
  • Play until all of the assassins have been found out, or until all of the detectives have been eliminated.
  • Change detectives and assassins often.
  • Change the game’s name to “Robot Breakdown,” if you don’t want to use “Assassin,” and have the assassins become engineers trying to shut-down the robots in the room by poking them (pressing their “off” switch).