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  • You will need to modify this game to work in your particular classroom based on your desk arrangement (remember to always think SAFETY, and to give the kids very specific instructions).
  • For this example, I am using a class where kids are sitting in rows of desks, 2 by 2.
  • To start, all kids must be sitting as straight as possible at their chairs with their hands flat on the desk in front of them.
  • This is where you will practice the cues slowly, so that the kids can get the hang of it.
  • MOVE ONE LEFT, and all of the kids move 1 desk to the left, and resume their perfect sitting position.
  • MOVE TWO BACK, and all of the kids move 2 desks back, and resume their perfect sitting position.
  • You can add as many variations as you like, and use a timer to see how many perfect switches the kids can do in 3 moves, in 5 moves…etc.
  • Remember to explain to the kids how if you are last in the row, and told to move back, you must go to the front of the row and move back the requisite amount of spaces. Likewise, if you are the last student on a side, and are told to move over.