• 1 pencil box per group.
  • 1 beanbag per group.


  • The set-up for this game will depend on the set-up of your classroom.
  • Each group/row/team of desks must set up one student’s pencil box against the wall somewhere in the class. It must be close enough that each student can toss a beanbag to it, safely, from their desks; but far enough away to make it challenging.
  • Each group/row/team gets a beanbag.
  • When the teacher says “Go,” one student from each group walks as fast as they can and must touch each of the 4 walls in the classroom before returning to THEIR OWN desk.
  • Once they get back to their desk, they take the beanbag and try and throw it from their desk so that it lands on the pencil box.
  • If they succeed, then the next student from their group goes, touches all four walls, grabs the beanbag off the pencil box, takes it back to his desk, and has his shot.
  • If a student misses, he may go again immediately (not forgetting to pick the beanbag up before heading back to his desk), or pass the turn to someone else.
  • The winning group is the one where everyone successfully lands the beanbag on the pencil box 1 time each.