• NONE


  • Have one student leave the classroom.
  • Tell all of the students that they have had their memories zapped (like in “Men In Black”), and no longer have the ability to speak, and don’t know where they are.
  • Give them 30 seconds to move around the class.
  • Bring the student from outside back in, and tell him that it is his job to get everyone back to their desks.
  • The way the student does this is by going behind a student, setting both hands on their shoulders, and steering them back to the desk they think is theirs. A good warm-up to this game is to put students in partners and let them practice steering each other. A student being steered must do their best to follow the guidance of the steerer.
  • Once a student is seated by the steerer, if he is in the right spot he makes a “Ding” sound (and can continue to make this sound, as long as it is not too loud), and stays seated.
  • If the student is steered into the wrong desk, he makes an “Enhhhh” sound, and immediately stands back up.
  • This is a timed game to see which student can get the fastest time.