• Foam tiles, carpet pieces…etc.


  • You will need foam tiles, carpet pieces or something that students can stand on for this game (don’t use paper because it tends to rip too easily).
  • Divide the kids into teams of 4-6 players.
  • Each team then gets one less piece of equipment then they have team members (i.e. so a team of 5 players gets 4 foam tiles).
  • Start all teams at one end of the classroom or hallway or outdoor playing area.
  • The team must work together to make their way across the playing area and CAN NOT TOUCH THE GROUND WITH ANY PART OF THEIR BODY!
  • If any member of the team touches the ground with any body part, you can either have that team member run and touch all four walls (while the other team members wait), or you can have the whole team re-start.
  • The first team to make it to the other side of the playing area wins!
  • Increase the distance, remove some of the foam tiles, or add obstacles to increase the difficulty level of this game.