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  • This is based on that kids toy that has the twist/pull/turn/bop buttons, on which the kids must complete ever more complicated patterns.
  • To start, create some easy word/movement associations, and practice as a class. For example, when you say “Bop it,” the kids must touch the floor with 2 hands. When you say “Jump it,” the kids must jump up in the air. When you say “Punch it,” the kids must punch 4 times in quick succession in front of them…etc.
  • You can play this game with eliminations or not.
  • Now, give the kids a pattern (i.e. Bop it, Bop it, Jump it, Punch it), and see who can do it. Add movements, and ever increasing difficulty levels, to keep the kids moving.
  • Have the kids make up their own “Bop Its,” and try and teach the class.