• As many gluesticks as you want!
  • 1 beanbag per group.


  • Have 1 or more students form a tunnel by going into the plank position (or a push-up position), right beside each other.
  • At one end of these students, set up the gluesticks in some sort of bowling formation.
  • At the other end of the tunnel, have a thrower with the beanbag.
  • The object is for the thrower to knock over all of the pins as quickly as possible by sliding the beanbag through the tunnel to the other end.
  • The people making the tunnel MUST stay in that position until all of the gluesticks are knocked down.
  • If the thrower misses any gluesticks, he must run to the end of the tunnel, get the beanbag, run back to the start, and continue throwing until all the sticks are down.
  • Once he has done this, he becomes part of the tunnel and a new thrower steps up to try.