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  • The biggest rule here is that the kids have to be aware of their breathing, and they are not allowed to talk during the yoga session (smiling and soft laughter is all right!).
  • Do some demonstrations of some classic yoga poses, or make some up (eg. like a tree reaching towards the sky, a fish swimming in the sea…etc.).
  • Now tell the kids that they are going to help create the yoga session.
  • Tell them to think about something from their daily life, and then turn it into a yoga pose (eg. Me waking up from bed in the morning, eating my cereal, riding my bike…etc.).
  • Give the kids some time to create their poses either alone, with a partner or in small groups.
  • Watch the kids during their practicing, and then pick 5 of the movements to create a yoga session.
  • Practice moving from moves 1-5 without any talking or noise, focusing on breathing.
  • Say the names of the kids’ moves as you start doing them.
  • Build a class repertoire of favorite moves, and keep adding to it throughout the year.
  • Playing calm music in the background can also add to this activity.