• NONE


  • This game can start out very simply, and then get as complicated as your kids can handle.
  • To begin, put up the 4 compass directions on your 4 walls (North, South, East, West).
  • Have the kids stand and push their chairs in so that they have as much space as possible.
  • When you shout out a direction, your kids have 2 seconds to take ONE JUMP, turn, and land facing the right direction.
  • If they make a mistake, they go into the plank or push-up position for either a pre-determined amount of time or, if playing with eliminations, until there are only a few students left.
  • To increase the difficulty of the game as your kids get good, add 4 different “things” to each wall (i.e. Apple, Banana, Peach, Pear), so that now you could either say “North,” or “Apple,” and they will need to remember that both are on the same wall.
  • Once the kids get really good, you will be able to play this game without signs. Lot of fun!