• One tricky-to-conceal item.


  • Pick a somewhat difficult-to-conceal item (i.e. a rubber chicken, over-sized soft dice, dodgeball…etc).
  • Pick one student to stand at the front of the class, facing the wall, with their eyes closed.
  • Before giving out the item, have the students quickly move from their spots and go and stand with a group of 2-3 students. This is their buddy group (they must remember who is in their buddy group).
  • Give the item to 1 student, and have them conceal it as best they can (it has to be appropriate).
  • On the word “Go,” everyone, including the student who was at the board, start hopping around the class (buddy groups DO NOT have to move around together).
  • The student who was at the front of the class is trying to find the item. The other students can pretend to hide it to throw the searcher off.
  • The searcher has 3 guesses. When he wants to make a guess, he yells “Buddy Buddy!” and everyone must freeze. The searcher must then say the name of the person he thinks is hiding the item. If he is right, the searcher wins and the game re-starts with a new searcher. If he is wrong, the guessed person AS WELL AS ALL OF THE BUDDIES FROM HIS GROUP, must go down into the plank position on the floor while everyone else continues to hop until the next guess.
  • If one of the buddies in the plank position on the floor is concealing the item, then he can either continue to conceal it, or try to hand it off to someone new (this is the only instance when the item can be handed off).
  • The game ends when the searcher has used all of his guesses.