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  • This game will depend on the desk arrangements in your class, but with a few modifications can be made to work with any desk setup.
  • All of the students are sitting at their desks, and one student starts by walking around.
  • At some point, the walking student stops, points at a seated student, and says “Booyah!”
  • This child must immediately stand up, put his hands on his head, and go to the child who is the furthest away from him in the class. Once this student leaves their desk, the standing student who said “Booyah!” takes the empty seat.
  • When the child with his hands on his head gets to the far desk, he must lean down and touch it with an elbow.
  • The student whose desk was touched with an elbow must quickly leave their desk and go and place both hands on any other student’s desk. The student with both hands on their head takes the empty desk.
  • The student who has just had two hands placed on their desk must run to the front of the class and do 5 burpees, or jumping jacks, or push-ups…etc. The student who placed two hands on a desk now sits down there.
  • After the student at the front of the class has done the 5 exercises, he becomes the new person to walk around the class and pick someone to say “Booyah!” to, to start the exercise over again.
  • You could do this with a timed component (i.e. How fast to do 5 full rounds?), or could see how many they could do without making a mistake, or could play with points and penalties.