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  • You can change this one up a bit so that it will work for young and old kids alike.
  • For young kids, tell them that they will have to move like the various animals/creatures/bugs that you come up with, and will have to figure out how to do the various tasks that you give them in the class.
  • For example, you might ask them to move around the class like a lion, and then have them pretend that the lion wants to go down a waterslide. How would he approach the slide? Would he go fast or slow? Would he ride on his bum, back, paws…etc.
  • The sillier the situations, the more thinking and moving the kids will have to do. Get student suggestions for what kinds of silly situations they can put animals in. Really focus their energy on movement, and put some time limits on some of the activities (i.e. A butterfly is trapped in a peanut butter jar and has 30 seconds to escape! Let’s see it).
  • For older kids, keep it fast and silly. Show me a snake on a yo-yo! Show me a duck riding a motorbike! Get goofy suggestions from kids, write them on the board, and then, using a pointer (don’t allow the kids to talk), but point to the various suggestions on the board in quick, and varying, succession, and have the kids act them out.