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  • Write out the entire Alphabet, either on a whiteboard, chalkboard or long strip of cardboard, using a single colour.
  • Be sure to leave enough room underneath each letter so that you can write another letter underneath.
  • Underneath each Alphabet letter, write an: L, R, l, r or T, and try and alternate between all 5 (so for example, the “A” might have an “R” under it, the “B” might have a “T” under it…etc.).
  • When the kids are singing the Alphabet, their job is to do the corresponding movement.
  • When they see the L – They lift their left leg.
  • When they see the R – They lift their right leg.
  • When they see the l – They lift their left arm.
  • When they see the r – They lift their right arm.
  • When they see the T – They lift both arms together.
  • You can start slow with the younger kids, and add different movements over time.
  • This works great with class/school songs as well (to keep it fresh), where each WORD can have a different action-letter under it.