PE Games Conference Testimonials

Gr 2 Teacher
Gr 2 Teacher Lisa St. James

2nd yr at conference and I used so many of your games

in gym this year. I even taught the staff Hot dog tag and cut the

pickle. Your team rocks!

Thank You

Elementary Teacher
Elementary Teacher Emma Sarbit

Enjoyed actively participating in the games to actually see and hear what they are like.

Games are engaging, make you work hard and use your

brain all at the same time.

Looking forward to bringing these new fresh ideas back to my PE Classes!

After going to the NCCP Fundamentals skills workshop, I enjoyed seeing practical ways to do

these with my students.

Great! Thanks for all the ideas!

Gr. 1 Teacher
Gr. 1 Teacher Alice Hancock

Awesome! Loved the participation factor!

Great for visual learners like me! Tremendous ideas for many

weeks to come!

Thank You! 🙂

PE Teacher K-5
PE Teacher K-5 Tammy Miettinen

Great presenter and easy to follow. Lots

of great ideas and twists on games to hook the kids 🙂

Loved it, best workshop of the day.

Thank You

Teacher Ektaa Singh

Thank you for a great session!

It was very useful and I can’t wait to try everything out! 🙂

PE Teacher
PE Teacher Gordon Park

Exactly the type of information / content PE

teacher’s need in this province. Great stuff – Thanks!

PE Teacher
PE Teacher Anja

Awesome games, awesome delivery!

Love the games to prepare for the big games –

Elementary Teacher
Elementary Teacher Leena Poirier

Wow ! Whirlwind of ideas !

The kids will love me on Monday!

High School Teacher
High School Teacher Jen Windson

The PE games presentation was fun,

interative and a great opportunity to see and

play so many new activities suited for

all ages and abilities!

PE Teacher K-6
PE Teacher K-6 Anne Thevenot

Loved the games. They really kept us

moving and got our heart rates up.

Intermediate PE Teacher
Intermediate PE Teacher Rob Wilson

I am always on the lookout for games that have as many

students active all the time. The session

gave me lots of great ideas to achieve that goal!

Secondary School Teacher
Secondary School Teacher Matt Harris

Great games with simple rules / concepts and a wide variety of

games / skills packed into a little space.

Will work perfect in the classroom space.

Recreation Director Saugeen First Nation
Recreation Director Saugeen First Nation Anissa Nashkewa

Workshop made me feel like a child all

over again. I saw a lot of adults having fun!

I would definitely incorporate what I learned into our

children’s recreational groups. All the games get your heart beat up

with a lot of physical activity.

Teacher Andrea hansen

This was an excellent session. These ideas can

all be adjusted to suit a variety of students

at different levels.

Excellent presenter ! Easy to buy into his energy.

Teacher Jen Wilbee

Excellent presentation! So many ideas that can

easily be used in my secondary phys ed classes.

Thank you for your contagious enthusiasm.

Teacher Lorna tremonth

This was great fast paced workshop

with many take-away activities.

I loved getting so many people active at once!

Elementary Phys Ed Teacher
Elementary Phys Ed Teacher Rebecca Tonlouse

Very fast paced action, never sat still

activities build on each other.

HPE Teacher
HPE Teacher Kari Macer

The facilitator was extremely well prepared,

energetic and knowledgeable. He taught a wide variety

of games, many of them new, and provided both

modification and extension ideas. The workshop was active, fun, inclusive

and innovative. I appreciated ideas that incorporated little

or basic equipment.

Thanks for the spark!

Gr 2/3/4
Gr 2/3/4 Kriss Yargeau

Well run. Nice, fast pace. Great games that are fast and easy

to teach to a class. Thanks David!

Teacher Barb Carey

This was fantastic. I wish my back

and shoulders were in better shape so i could have

participated better. Thank you so much for putting this on.

Great Job, David!

Elementary Teacher
Elementary Teacher Shaun Mitchell

Great philosophy behind the development of the games

and great fun. Best PE pro-d you can do,

as you can use it the next day and the rest of you career.

And the kids love it!

Primary teacher
Primary teacher Heather Acob

Fun energetic games with skills involved.

Love that all kids will be moving!

Primary Teacher
Primary Teacher Donna Smedley

Fantastic morning. Lots of great games and fun to play

Thank-You !

Teacher Michelle Dacyk

Action packed! Thank you David!

I feel prepared to try some great new games

with my kids. Your dynamic presentation gives

me confidence to teach these new games as

I have trouble transferring from just reading a book!

Int. Teacher
Int. Teacher Charlene O'Brien

So fun and simple.

Thank You!

Teacher Ultan Peters

Excellent ideas to lead active sessions

with minimal lecturing. Students will jump

straight in and have fun.

Teacher Jill

So many great ideas that will get kids having

fun, getting physical breaks & learning skills.

So wonderful, Thank You.

Teacher Paul Fisher

Great session ! I can use all

the games we’ve been shown

next week.

Teacher Renee Clarke

It was great ! Lots of fun.

fantastic games and a mix of

classroom, big games and short warm ups!

Thanks 🙂

Teacher PE K-4
Teacher PE K-4 Megan Fretter

Came to your workshop last year.

Loved it!

Bought the book and have been using the activities on a daily basis. My kids love hot dog tag.

PE Teacher K-6
PE Teacher K-6 Yvonne Haviland

It was great to get into the games in order to learn. I am a visual learner and i will remember them now.

Teacher-primary Manciela Grohmam

Awesome games!

I really like how the games use very little equipment.

Athletic P.E. / Aquatics
Athletic P.E. / Aquatics Mariane LeBlanc

Very informative!

Lots of cardio for the kids.

Teacher Lisa St James


I love the progressive games!

Teacher Angela

Loved it, Thanks!

Lots of great ideas, can’t wait to use them.

Teacher Gr. 6/7
Teacher Gr. 6/7 T.Z.

Best Warm-up activities ever!

Everyone is active in the activities and you get really tired – Perfect.

Primary School Teacher
Primary School Teacher France Chambaland

Excellent presentation.

Fun games and they make you feel good.

Participants happy and engaged materials are simple and easy to have on hand.

PE Teacher
PE Teacher Adrian Wong

Outstanding workshop!

Great practical games and ideas I’ve been looking for.

P.E. Teacher
P.E. Teacher Leona Wade

A great workshop !

Lots of fun!

Teacher Jillene Bublitz

Awesome! I can use all these games!

It was really fun too!

Teacher David Hill

Can see how you can get

the kids to be active and moving easily.

Teacher Gr.3
Teacher Gr.3 Stephanie McCaw

Very well organized, high energy activities that were lots of fun! I was sweating within the first 5 mins. The games involved minimal equipment which is great to save time 🙂

Student Teacher UBC
Student Teacher UBC Cassie Pentland

Super engaging and great fun ideas.


Teacher Kindergarten
Teacher Kindergarten Lori Kline

You guys did a great job – I actually laughed a lot and enjoyed myself immensely. Not intimidating and jock-ish. Everyone can be active, successful, and have fun.


Educator Ian *Number One* Cox

As a Grade 7 teacher, it can be challenging to keep warm-up games and Daily Physical Activities fresh and new.Having participated in a number of these games, I feel I’ll be able to provide greater variety to my students this year and beyond.

Great pace to your workshop ! Awesome stuff!

Teacher Grade 4/5
Teacher Grade 4/5 Amy Grainger

I could see using every game played today in PE and DPA.

Love the circuit posters Thanks!

PE Teacher
PE Teacher Brendan Mallyon

Awesome presentation with great practical applications for my

PE lessons.

Teacher Cindy Fareli

Loved it!

Lots of ideas that i can use tomorrow and the next day, and the next day……..

Teacher Shila Monroe

Well done – good variety and ease of set up is a bonus.

All the kids love the ones I have used so far and now I have more.

TOC Josh Drought

Very well done session!

Tones of great ideas, was fun, active and very worthwhile.

Teacher Wendy Hart


Got my heart pumping !

Teacher Angela

One of the best workshops I’ve been to. I’ve come away with a ton of new fun ideas to keep my students active and healthy.

Thanks ! 🙂

Teacher Wendy Hart


Got my heart pumping !

Teacher Grade 1/2
Teacher Grade 1/2 Candice Dyck

This was a great session. Students will benefit greatly from these cooperative and competitive games. The sessions provides several ways to integrate physical education with other subject areas!

Thank You !

Teacher Grade 3/4
Teacher Grade 3/4 Sarah Stokdijk


Great session, lots of great ideas!

Teacher Grade 1
Teacher Grade 1 Sara Mclean


That was the best pro-d experience ever! So much fun and filled with amazing ideas i can use right away. The games are inclusive, dynamic and we all had smiles on our faces the whole time.

Thank you so much 🙂

Teacher Deb Nicholson

Fabulous workshop!!!

Great ideas, easy to implement, fun, highly engaging and great for boost up the heart rate. Thanks!

One of the best pro-ds I’ve been to in years!

Teacher Grade 1
Teacher Grade 1 Kim Tyssen

What a fantastic workshop ! Thank you so much. I loved playing all the games and seeing them in action. The resource to go with the workshop was really helpful.

The instructions were clear and the presenters were dynammic.

Great Work!