National P.E. Conference Testimonials

P.E. Teacher
P.E. Teacher Heather Douglas

Best session in 20 yrs!

P.E. and Outdoor Ed Teacher
P.E. and Outdoor Ed Teacher Denis Desrosiers

Absolutely without a doubt the best workshop I

have done. So much energy; so many ideas in

2 hours; I am exhausted and exhausted watching David @ work / play

Such energy!

Teacher Jethro Bartelings

The course did exactly what it promised: povide games to

keep the most kids active for the most amount of time. Regardless of

age, these games will keep all ages moving.


P.E. Teacher
P.E. Teacher Dan

Loved it!

Great games to add to my tool box.

Never a dull moment. My students will never want to leave the


P.E. Teacher
P.E. Teacher Graham Forsyth

Super practical, all useful games. Very good,

and could fill an entire year!

Teacher J.Fedeniuk

Awesome workshop ! I can go straight to the gym or

Classroom with these games.

Middle Years P.E.
Middle Years P.E. Mike Galenda

Non stop action. So many games to use

with my classes! Thanks!

Teacher Jan Watters

An awesome session. So good to get 30 new games – not dodgeball theme to play with

my classes. Thanks for such a high energy

fantastic tempo

P.E. Teacher
P.E. Teacher Charlene Sheers

Wide variety of fun activities that may

be used immediately. Great Session!


-Very practical

P.E. Teacher
P.E. Teacher Reid Sloan

Very useful in k-4.

Excellent adaptations and classroom activities.

Great active games for all ages!

P.E. Teacher
P.E. Teacher Natasha Loeppky

Fantastic workshop! So many

high paced motivational games!


P.E. Teacher
P.E. Teacher Leonard Woitowiez

Excellent Games / presentation.

I will use these games in my

P.E. Classes!

Early years P.E.
Early years P.E. Megan Sigvaldason

Great activities for any age group!

Lots of adaptations included.


Excellent session!