• NONE


  • There are two ways to play.
  • First way, have kids partner up and face each other across the gym.
  • When you shout out a letter from the alphabet (L, U, t, c, m, A, e, f…etc. are all great letters to use), the kids have to run to the center of the gym, meet with their partner, and then create that letter using their bodies (a variation is to use numbers or shapes instead).
  • They can create by lying down, standing up, leaning…etc.
  • In the second way, split the class into two teams (I find that boys and girls works well), and then you stand on something that is elevated (bench, chair… etc.).
  • You then yell a shape, a letter or a number and the kids must work together to create that “thing” (everyone in the group must be a part of it for it to count).
  • First group to make it wins a point for their team. First team to 5 points wins.