• 1 rubber chicken (or similar silly object).


  • Divide the kids into two teams.
  • One team stands in a line (one behind the other), while the other team links their elbows together and makes a circle.
  • The team in the line starts with a rubber chicken, and passes it towards the start of the line by passing it over their heads and then under their legs, towards the front, in sequence.
  • While they are doing this, the other team selects one person to run around the circle of players (“the nest”) as many times as possible.
  • When the chicken gets to the front of the line, the first person in line yells: “CHUCK THE CHICKEN!” and throws the chicken anywhere they want, and then the group that was in the circle breaks apart, runs to the chicken, makes a line, and starts doing over/under.
  • The group that chucked the chicken meanwhile, forms a circle by linking elbows, and picks one person (it has to be a new runner each time), to run around the outside.
  • Play to a specific number of points (teacher keeps track), saying that each time the runner does a complete turn of the circle they win a point for their team.