100 PE Games Hard Copy Book Vol. 1

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This Hard Copy Book contains the first 100 games (Warm-up, Full Length, Classroom, Weekly Challenges and Fitness Circuits) published at pegames.org! All of these games have been tested and played (often time and time again), by Mr. H and his PE classes, so the quality is guaranteed. The focus of the Hard Copy Book, and the mission of pegames.org, is to provide a supplemental PE program for teachers that will compliment and enhance all of the great teaching they do surrounding physical education in all aspects, and locations, at school.
At pegames.org it is our goal to keep the most kids active for the most amount of time possible, by ensuring that every student has a smile on their face, and a role to play, during each and every game and activity. Your purchase of this Hard Copy Book will help ensure the continued operation of pegames.org, dedicated to offering free, fun, and fresh content that will continue to keep kids active.

15 Exclusive PE Games

100 PE Games Vol.1

Hard Copy Book

  • 28 Warm-Ups
  • 18 Full Length
  • 18 Weekly Challenges
  • 18 Fitness Circuits
  • 18 Classroom