PE Games Book Testimonials

PE Teacher
PE Teacher Deb Forsyth

Great fun games for kids of all ages!

Such variety

Thanks I needed some new ideas!

I’ve been rejuvenated!!

Teacher Daniela Karpen

Awesome games!

Would fit with any age group!

Teacher Sarah Whyte

Jam packed!

Loads of ideas and super active

PE Teacher
PE Teacher Diane Russell


Very useful for high school

Teacher Grade 3
Teacher Grade 3 Renee Clarke

Love It! And love the book.

It has totally changed my outlook on PE.

Teacher Jenny Rabinovitch

Awesome games for all ages !

Very practical and fun!

Teacher K/1
Teacher K/1 Silva Cahill

Great interactive games. Good for all ages.

Can be adapted. Awesome way to start the day.

Teacher Norma Huculak

Great fun. Quick games to motivate kids.

Lots of new ideas!


Teacher Grade 1/2
Teacher Grade 1/2 Millie Cumming


Very fun and informative / useful



Awesome !

quick, easy, simple and highly motivating.

Teacher Grade 6/7
Teacher Grade 6/7 Becky Wilson

Impressed with the energy from the activities.

I think they’ll be easy to use with my class.