Steve Nash Youth Basketball – Hard Copy Book of Games


PEGAMES.ORG is thrilled to have partnered with Canada Basketball to produce this first-ever Book of Games for the Steve Nash Youth
Basketball Program.
As any follower of PEGAMES.ORG is well aware, the cornerstone in each and every one of our games is our dedication to keep the most kids
active for the longest time possible. To this end, and because fundamental movement skills are such an essential component of any sport, this book gives coaches a valuable resource to supplement their practices by providing them with games that consistently keep kids smiling while they move and play with purpose.
The Steve Nash Youth Basketball: Book of Games is split into five sections: Fundamental Movement Games, Dribbling Games, Passing Games, Shooting Games and Cross-Sport Games, which together guarantee a fresh, fun and fast-paced basketball practice for all players. PEGAMES.ORG and Canada Basketball are very excited to introduce this new piece into the Steve Nash Youth Basketball Program; we are equally excited to offer a new gateway for kids to begin cultivating a lifelong love of sport.


This Hard Copy Book Includes!

15 Fundamental
5 Dribbling
5 Passing
5 Shooting
5 Cross-Sport


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