Silent Soccer

Silent Soccer


  • 1 soccer ball per circle.


  • Have the kids sit in a circle on their chairs, gripping the sides of the chairs with their hands and sitting with a straight back.
  • You can have more than one circle going at a time, as long as their is enough space, and nothing in the middle of the circle except for the soccer ball.
  • You can play as a class, or play circle versus circle.
  • The main rule is that nobody can talk. If you talk, your circle automatically loses the challenge.
  • Examples of challenges might be: How many passes can you do in 45 seconds? How long will it take for everyone in the circle to touch the ball once? How long will it take for all of the girls in the circle to touch the ball? Can you pass the ball around the circle without moving your hands from your chair, and without the ball touching the ground? How long will it take for everyone with a letter “A” in their name to touch the ball…etc.
  • You can put scores/best times on the board, and play over and over to beat them.

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