Beanbag Stack - How Many?

Get the Class Working Together with this Great New Weekly Challenge

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PEGAMES.ORG is thrilled to have partnered with Canada Basketball to produce this first-ever Book of Games for the Steve Nash Youth Basketball Program.

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Hi, and welcome to This site is dedicated to keeping kids active and engaged during physical activity, whether it is in the gym, outside or in the classroom. In this, the day and age of video games, Iphones and the like, it has never been more important, or necessary, to get our kids moving. The key, however, is to make sure that they are always having fun while doing it.
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This site is designed specifically for anyone wanting to keep large groups of kids active. With all of our games, our mission is to keep the most amount of kids moving for the most amount of time possible. To this end, we do our very best to outline games with the smallest amount of equipment possible, and also make sure to give straightforward, simple explanations that will have your kids moving as soon as possible.

Every game, warm-up, challenge and activity on this site has been tested by our resident PE specialist. Mr. H. has been teaching physical education at the elementary school level for 7 years, and will make sure that we post only the best of the best.

As a Grade 7 teacher, it can be challenging to keep warm-up games and Daily Physical Activities fresh and new.Having participated in a number of these games, I feel I’ll be able to provide greater variety to my students this year and beyond.

Educator: Ian Cox

During the average 45 minute block of physical education, students are actually active (i.e. moving around, elevating their heart rates), for approximately 17 minutes (less than half!). With our website, and the hundreds (soon to be thousands, as our updates continue), of activities, warm-ups, games, individual and group challenges…etc. we aim to keep kids moving, moving, moving.

Please feel free to start navigating the site, as there are all sorts of options for physical activity for your students. We are updating daily, so please continue to check back frequently as there will always be something new to keep your kids smiling and active.

New PE Games

Beanbag Stack – How Many?

Equipment: A bin (equipment bins work great). A whole bunch of beanbags. Timer. Description: Split the class in two and have them sit with their backs against the wall at either end of the playing area. Dump all of the bean bags out in the middle of the playing area,... read more

Coin Toss

Equipment: 1 frisbee or giant dice. Description: Have students pick a partner and face that partner in the middle of the gym. Have each student decide with their partner who will be “Top” and who will be “Bottom”. The teacher will stand in the middle of the gym and... read more

Human Ring Toss – How Many?

Equipment: Class set of rings. Timer. Description: Select 7 students to stand on a line at the end of the room closest to the door. All other students line up at the other end of the room in two lines, with the bin of rings between them. When the teacher says “Go,”... read more

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